TeamPHCA is a social services agency, founded in 2018 to support adults with special needs, ID, down syndrome and autism. TeamPHCA utilizes community resources to support individuals with housing, job/volunteering opportunities and meaningful lives.

Between our staff, partnerships, community, families and individuals - over 100s of people trust us to secure the most valuable resources to provide individuals with the highest quality of care, whilst ensuring the highest level of compliance.

Our highly trained staff are trained/certified and our person-centered approaches allow us to develop a life-course framework designed to support everyday lives in everyday ways!
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The mission of TeamPHCA is to support people with disabilities and their families by promoting self-direction, choice and freedom pertaining to housing, job opportunities, and community resources
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TeamPHCA’s vision is to continue our efforts to advocate for individuals with disabilities, to cultivate, and refine practices that are aligned with Y.O.U.R. (your optimum understanding and reality) goals and program planning so that we will become the #1 leading service provider in the country.
PHCA continuously strives to improve the quality of services and supports through the following W.E. C.A.R.E. Principles:
  • Winning Attitudes – thinking positively, committed to building working relationships, and believing in ourselves as a manifestation to plan, do and learn. Winning attitude, open to receiving feedback, open to change, remaining professional when you have issues and concerns
  • Extending – extending ourselves beyond the call of duty. innovate sharing ideas that supports the agency, can work independently, complete tasks and assignments timely, manage your calendar. Taking the initiative that leads to positive results. Complete special projects that supports the agency's bottom line. Can multi-task and complete assignments with little to no errors. Depending on assignments, working evenings and weekends. Are you 100% responsive via email, text and phone calls? Are you productive and providing quality work?
  • Collaborating – with all partners, advocates, providers, Support Coordinators, Administrative Entities (AEs), other governmental agencies, and the community.
  • Awareness –  being aware of and encouraging use of evidence-based best practices by disseminating information to all involved parties and documenting per rules and regulations.
  • Remembering transparency – to continuously share information and talk with internal and external stakeholders; to listen to individuals, senior population and those with disabilities and their families, caregivers, friends and colleagues. Are you highly familiar with the supports that the agency provides to include IHCS, CPS, jobs and companion, dual diagnosis and Individual rights, Alleged abuse, Incident reporting, Safe behaviors and Person-centered practices 
  • Excellence – to embed best practices to consistently safeguard and support individuals, families and caregivers to include  the notion of accountability at the forefront with the support of colleagues. Are you detailed oriented, having the ability to review, interpret and respond for and with accuracy. When you are asked for clarification on a task or assignment, do you refer to the source such as the ISP, progress notes, incident log before providing an uncertain response. Did you download Paychex Flex for paystubs/w2? Are you utilizing your resources? Highly familiar with our we care principles and implementation and execute them. Provide candid responses, adhere to the attendance policy, using the out of office, informing the agency when you are late, putting in medical requests and requests off at least two weeks in advance. Adhering to policies such as: Social Media, Do's and Don'ts, Sexual Harassment, Non-disclosure, Non-Compete, Code of Conduct And More